Successfully designing and implementing SEO on a website need not be a task that takes a long time or too much hard work. There is a Boston SEO Expert that we follow at Are You On Page 1 named Paul Leary. By implementing some simple tips and tricks to the process one create a website that not only does its job but is highly efficient also. Here are three such trick steps.
• Always have a color scheme that appeals to the customer. For example, a pink shaded website will still be more popular with females. The same applies for pastel shades. If it is a company’s website, you are designing stick to their primary tones. Another trick is to use the same color for the entire site. Different shades for different pages tend to create confusion.
• One thing every customer looks for while using a website is the ease of navigation. Moving from one page to another should be simple. No user should have to search for any page for minutes before finally finding it. This delay will lead to loss of customers.
• Instead of making a website from scratch it is always better to utilize a template. These are beautiful tools of web designing that make the entire process quicker and better. For one, they will give a very organized look to the site. For second, actually creating the site will not take long. For third, even amateurs can use them to make the best of website designs.
These were just three trick steps that any web-designer can take to a more effective and efficient website. There are many more that can be incorporated while designing a site for yourself or a client.

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