There are two things that need to be taken care of when designing a website for a non-profit organization.
• Any person who wishes to work for or help a non-profit organization wants to know all there is to know about them says SEO RockStar. Therefore, the About Us section of the website is crucial. It is to this tab that viewers will move to know more about the company. It should be easy to find and give detailed information about:
o What do they do?
o What is the history?
o Who are the founding members?
o Are there any achievements?
o Were any milestones crossed?
People not only enjoy reading all this information, but they also take as a sign of transparency from the firm. This, in turn, makes them more credible in the eyes of the reader.
• Be clear on the purpose of the non-profit and its mission. Again the site should have clear and easily accessible tabs that reach the Mission Page. A statement of purpose that is clearly outlined along with the vision of the company can convert many a reader into a customer. The mission also helps in painting a flattering picture of the firm. The best tip is to create a summary of the mission and vision and place it on the home page where it is easily seen.
Though there are some other aspects that need to be kept in mind when designing a non-profit company’s website, these two hold priority over them all. Follow the steps, and you will have an excellent site.

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